Using TRESTRequestDataSetAdapter to update data via a RESTful Server API

RAD Studio 11 saw the introduction of the TRESTRequestDataSetAdapter, a component that can read data from a TDataSet and convert it to JSON ready to send back to a remote RESTful API. Before I talk more about how to use it, I want to recap how REST URL/APIs work. REST APIs and VERBS REST APIs are typically created to use the different HTML verbs (POST, GET, PUT, PATCH, and DELETE) to define the…
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C++DelphiRAD Studio

The High-Performance Future Of AI Is REST APIs

Businesses mostly prefer artificial intelligence solutions that are customized as per their needs and serve exactly the same purpose that they want to achieve. In such situations, that require a significant level of customization, desktop apps are still an ideal choice of adoption for fast-paced businesses. Desktop apps are powerful execution tools that can natively run on your local…
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How Easy Is It To Add A REST API To Your Own Apps?

Spoiler Alert: it’s REALLY easy to add a REST API to your own Development on Windows desktop applications. Read along with us and we’ll show you exactly how easy it is! Expressjs is a fast, ‘unopinionated’ minimalist web framework for Node.js. It provides a great combination of features that make web application development fast and easy which would otherwise be much more…
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Learn To Use ExchangeRates API With REST In C++ Builder

Do you want to add live exchange rates features to your applications? You can easily get live exchange rates in our C++ Builder and Delphi applications by using ExchangeRates API from theexchangeratesapi.iothat is free for 250 requests monthly. It is very easy to set up and get data in JSON format, which means we can easily use the REST framework to connect this data. If…
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