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Learn How Easy It Is To Use OAuth2.0 With The Rest Client Components For C++ Builder

Authentication becomes critical part of any business, that too developing applications using OAuth2.0 protocol is still challenging to some C++Builder developers using Restful APIs as most modern IoT applications mandates. Don’t worry, this post will simpilify your challenge and understand better. Assume an end user(Resource Owner) has an account in google(Resource Server) and has…
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Don’t Underestimate Desktop Applications

Desktop applications have been undervalued for a long time. All attention was reserved for web and mobile. While both Microsoft and Apple made strides to evolve the desktop, there has been far less energy and economic momentum behind that platform. Today the maturity of web…

How to customize URL in Datasnap REST servers

Author: Landerson Gomes In this post I discuss how to customize the URLs generated by the Datasnap REST server. Challenge A major challenge in building APIs when using Datasnap is to generate URLs so that documentation, understanding, and versioning is easy. I’ve…


Author: Landerson Gomes In this post an example of native Delphi component access to Google Firebase Cloud Firestore. Check out the video and download the sample sources. Check out the original post at (in portuguese): Acessando Google Firebase Cloud…

How to Transfer Images via DataSnap REST Part 3

Author: Landerson Gomes In this post you will watch the video of how to upload files from an Android client application to Datasnap REST Server. Watch it! {“video”:”https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NquqzZHGqi8″,”width”:”400″,”height”:”225″} Access the original post in Portuguese:TRANSFERINDO IMAGEM…
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Building Perfect REST APIs with RAD Server and Delphi

REST API architecture has become the most popular approach for building scalable, secure, multi-user systems.Using RAD Server you can quickly publish your Delphi or C++ logic as HTTP REST API endpoints that can be used from any app and framework, including mobile…

Easily Make Asynchronous REST Calls In Delphi 10.2.1 Tokyo On Android, iOS, macOS, and Windows 10

The Hospitality Survey App template contains a RAD Server project and a Delphi client project. You can download the Hospitality Survey App template code for yourself from Embarcadero’s GetIt. The Delphi client project makes REST calls via the BaaS components to RAD Server. Keep in mind that this same source code will work with TRESTClient and TNetHTTPClient. It is beneficial for the REST…
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