What Is Object-Oriented Programming In C++

C and C++ are one of the most powerful programming languages that can berun by Microsoft build tools for Windows and for other operating systems like iOS, Android, among others. The main difference between C and C++ is that C++ is enhanced with Object-Oriented Programming features like Classes, Objects, Methods etc. It supports advanced programming features like polymorphism, encapsulation, and…
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Setting up Ubuntu 22.04 for Delphi 11.2 Debugging

I created a Bash script a while back for setting up Ubuntu for Delphi development, and update it for each new release. The script automatically installs all the required packages, along with PAServer. I recently updated it again due to an LLDB debugging issue.
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Learn C++ And C Programming in 2023

Hello to all developers. If you don’t know C and C++ programming or are new to them then perhaps 2023 is a good year to start learning them! Putting those New Year resolutions to good use by setting yourself the task of learning how to code in the top two most popular programming languages. The topics in this article are a round-up of recent C++ and C topics from the LearnCPlusPlus website…
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Generate images using AI in your Delphi applications

Recently, a mobile application became one of the most talked about topics in the world using Artificial Intelligence to generate avatars of its users. The Lensa effect The Lensa app, an image editing app that has existed for some time, has launched a feature called Magic…

Some Suggestions to Help the Delphi Compiler

Offering some tips and suggestions you can consider to help the compiler be faster and consume less memory using the current version of Delphi. Over the last couple of years, Embarcadero has put a significant effort into optimizing the Delphi Object Pascal compilers&#8217…
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Introduction To C And C++ Coding For 2023

Hello to all developers. We have new introduction-level posts that may help and motivate you to start with developing small games, maybe your friends and family, or your students to develop amazing games on Windows, Linux, iOS, or on IoT systems in 2023. The topics in this article are a round-up of recent C++ and C topics from the LearnCPlusPlus website including very simple examples that can be…
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Building Microservices with Boss and Horse

Here are the slides, links, and additional resources from Building Microservices with Boss and Horse. This session was a collaboration with Vinicius Sanchez of Hashload. Hashload is an open-source community on GitHub founded by Brazilian developers that works with many programming languages (Delphi, Python, Go…); Hashload Projects Boss: Dependency Manager for Delphi applications Horse…
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