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What are vcle.lib and rtle.lib?

Solving an interesting issue upgrading a project from Classic to Clang. A recent blog comment asked for help where a Clang project was linking to vcle.lib, but the library did not exist in the Clang linking path (lib/win32c/release): it’s present only for the classic compiler in lib/win32/release. (Note the C in win32c, meaning Clang.) Why? If you see this error, how do you resolve it and…
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New Premium VCL Styles (Fall 2022)

Need some VCL Styles to make your Windows applications look great? You are in luck, there are new Premium VCL Styles available in GetIt, and they are included free as part of yourupdate subscription benefits. Polar Dark Mine Shaft White Smoke Polar Light These premium styles all support High DPI displays with 1x, 1.5x, & 2x pixel densities. They are designed around…
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New FireMonkey Premium Styles

Did you see the new FireMonkey Premium Styles available in GetIt? There are six new multi-device styles, and they are included free as part of your update subscription benefits. Concrete Nero Alabaster Mine Shaft Polar Light Polar Dark These premium…

7 Proven Ways To Improve The Productivity Of Mobile App Development

User experience and engagement improvements are a necessary part of mobile app development. Additionally, businesses constantly look for better ways to enhance their time-to-market ratio and beat their competition by leveraging the timesaving and efficiency features of app coding software to increase their team’s productivity. You will drastically increase your organization’s…
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