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7 Proven Ways To Improve The Productivity Of Mobile App Development

7 Proven Ways To Improve The Productivity Of Mobile App Development

User experience and engagement improvements are a necessary part of mobile app development. Additionally, businesses constantly look for better ways to enhance their time-to-market ratio and beat their competition by leveraging the timesaving and efficiency features of app coding software to increase their team’s productivity.

You will drastically increase your organization’s efficiency by actively working on improving productivity. Powerful editors and coding software enable developers to build custom mobile apps strictly adhering to business needs. Apart from this, you must implement some simple but effective productivity techniques for your teams.

Which methods can be used to improve mobile app development productivity?

You need to adopt standard practices to ensure consistency throughout your organization. Here are 7 techniques you can consider:

Are you using the Minimum Viable Product concept?

Businesses that offer web-based services need to retain their user’s attention and engage them by adding new functionalities to their services. Sometimes, developing a product using the MVP concept to keep the teams productive and facilitate quick launches is ideal.

According to the MVP concept, the development team needs to focus on the essential functionalities first, allowing them to conveniently develop custom apps for your clients in short timeframes. However, organizations can continue adding new application features by collecting real-time user behavior analytics – iterating and refining the product based on the tangible, actionable feedback good analytics can provide.

Are you using the latest versions of programming languages?

7 Proven Ways To Improve The Productivity Of Mobile App Development a person holding up a yellow note which says code on it

Most operating systems allow developers to leverage different languages to create mobile apps. You must ensure that your team bases the source code on modern languages such as Delphi’s Object Pascal to keep it precise and accurate. Developers can easily integrate new functionalities in the applications without the hassle of writing verbose code.

Since the code in modern languages remains easily understandable and maintainable, developers can continue focusing on the task at hand and improve their productivity by writing less verbose and effective code. Developers can also integrate other languages with the source code to improve functionalities through third-party APIs.

How does planning for consistent early application testing increase productivity?

Organizations invest heavily by deploying expensive professional testers to evaluate their mobile app development. Since your developers have already invested their time and energy into developing an app and resolving performance issues, finding defects in the app during the testing phase can demotivate them.

Therefore, you must plan for application testing during the development phase to resolve bugs and issues before the tester can evaluate the app. You can boost employee productivity by deploying automated testing during the software development life cycle to constantly test the application and accelerate delivery.

Have you definef standard processes for every step?

7 Proven Ways To Improve The Productivity Of Mobile App Development a person holding up a tablet device which shows some numbers in yellow green and red blocks on it

Keeping things organized is important, so you should start defining processes that can contribute to your organization’s success. However, implementing these processes is not enough; you must include healthy criticism to improve your team’s ability to perform.

Defining every step will make it easier for development teams to handle the workload and deliver on time. You can also collect KPIs to identify and improve inefficient procedures. Your teams can utilize the time saved by clear processes to improve user engagement.

Have you integrated agility in your development life cycle?

Conventional development techniques often fail to meet the complex requirements of mobile app development. They bring delays and adverse impacts to productivity during development. An agile approach can make development easier by leveraging technology to stay ahead of the constant change in business needs.

Developers can first deploy an application with the bare minimum features and functionality. After launch, they can consistently add new functionalities to the app and allow users to access new features regularly. Additionally, developers and testers can combine their efforts and work as a single team operating in an agile environment to deliver quality mobile apps.

How can moving to new and improved toolkits help?

Development trends keep changing from time to time, but you need to anticipate the change and move to newer or maintained toolkits that can help your developers create new apps or update existing ones to meet new business needs. Frameworks and tools that have been depreciated should be phased out while ones that are maintained should be used more heavily to future proof software and reduce technical debt.

Have you introduced flexibility for your team?

7 Proven Ways To Improve The Productivity Of Mobile App Development a person staring at a laptop screen holding the right arm of their glasses and making a wide open mouth expression on their face

Offering flexible working to your team will improve their ability and willingness to perform. Giving them work at their convenience keeps developers content and productive with their work. Therefore, higher management needs to understand the detrimental effects of prolonged and unsuitable hours.

Can an app coding software improve your productivity?

You can use an app coding software like RAD Studio to deliver faster and smart mobile applications that use interface controls to facilitate the user. You can conduct faster and more effective prototyping by leveraging the IDE’s multi-device designer and the live preview option.

If you want to improve your mobile development productivity, you need to use RAD Studio because it:

  1. Builds applications faster by using a single source code equipped with cross-compilation for iOS and Android. The FireMonkey framework uses an active modern user interface design to differentiate between cross-platforms and make native tweaks to the source code.
  2. Secures native compilation by improving your code’s performance and making it difficult to reverse engineer. If your developers use a powerful language to build your mobile apps, then you need it to be compiled natively.
  3. Offers full language support allowing you to use modern productive language features across all mobile applications. Delphi contains generic anonymous methods that offer extremely powerful runtime information during production.
  4. Contains flexible libraries that are designed to provide support to your organization by integrating modern object-oriented practices. Therefore, you can increase your development speed by using a single code base that works across platforms to provide a powerful footing for modern agile techniques.

Are you ready to increase your mobile app development productivity?

Traditional productivity techniques are less effective without ad hoc integration of modern technology. RAD Studio is your ticket to improved mobile app development as it leverages the latest tools and techniques you need to increase your productivity. You can start your organization’s journey towards development productivity by signing up for a free trial.

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