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RAD Studio New Release: What’s Coming in 11.2

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The release of RAD Studio 11.2 Alexandria is just days away! As the Delphi community readies to welcome the new version of the world’s favorite Delphi IDE, let’s take the opportunity for a closer look at what Embarcadero’s Product Managers and development team have been working on!

Quality Focus

According to Product Managers Marco Cantu and David Millington, 11.2 is going to be a quality-focused release, with many Quality Portal requests implemented and hundreds of bugs fixed throughout the product.

The quality focus, in terms of usability, performance and stability, will encompasses the IDE, the compilers and toolchains, the UX, RTL, database and Internet libraries, and involves both the Delphi and the C++ sides of the product.

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What You Can Expect From 11.2

What new features will you get to play with in the 11.2 release? Well, the list includes…

A new iOS simulator for Delphi (read Marco Cantu’s post on this)

An Android API update

A new debugging standard for Delphi on Linux

Code editing and CodeInsight improvements

Improvements to the Delphi, VCL, FireMonkey, FireDAC and RAD Server libraries

…and a host of updates, new features and improvements throughout to help you get more done faster, and save more on development costs.

Join The Launch Webinar!

Don’t wait until after the release to explore all these novelties, though. Join the Launch Webinar at 10:00 am US Central Time (15:00 GMT) on 7 September 2022 for a thorough look at what the 11.2 release has in store for developers!

In the Launch Webinar, Embarcadero Product Managers Marco Cantu and David Millington will be joined by Chief Developer Advocate and Engineer Jim McKeeth and Embarcadero General Manager Kyle Wheeler for a deep dive into all the new benefits developers can expect from the 11.2 release of RAD Studio, Delphi and C++Builder.

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