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Enterprise Resource Planning: The Magnificent Guide

Introduction When the operations of an enterprise grow beyond a certain level of complexity, the familiar spreadsheets are no longer able to capture the value, support the proper coordination of activities and generate the insights for that enterprise to function efficiently and productively, and grow to the next phase. This is why ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) emerged as a single-system…
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How To Program A Robot in C and C++? 

Both the C and C++ languages are both popular choices for robotic applications, including IoT systems. We have some great topics this week again some of which on robots and IoT systems along with a few posts on more basic subjects suitable for absolute beginners.A robot is a…

Secrets of Visual Design on Windows 11

Using truly great IDE software really empowers software developers. RAD Studio is so much more than just Delphi – which I think is the easiest professional modern programming language you can pick – it also brings along a whole bunch of great things not the least…

10 Years at Embarcadero

This months marks my tenth anniversary as Delphi Product Manager After many years of working with Delphi as an expert, consultant, and book writer, I started working as Delphi Product Manager at Embarcadero in November 2012, which means this month marks my 10th anniversary at the company in this role – as LinkedIn reminded quite a few people. The Beginning I took a look at my email archive and…
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Embarcadero Brazil 2022

I always enjoy coming down to Brazil for their annual Embarcadero Developer Conference. Unfortunately travel restrictions moved the event virtual for the last couple years, but it was back to an in person event this year. Previous in person events had around 400 attendees…

ECON22 - Brazil, 600+ developers

Having been online for the last two years, ECON Brazil was again able to run a live in-person conference event this year. Hosted by the Embarcadero Brazil team, over 600 developers attended a full conference day with 7 parallel tracks running at the same time on Tuesday 8th November. 40+ speakers made up of MVPs and other subject matter experts, presented during the day, with everything happing in…
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Stable Python Environments in the Delphi-Python EcoSystem

We’re launching a new series of Delphi-Python Ecosystem and Python tools updates. You’ll know what we’re developing around Delphi-Python integration and how you can use those new tools in these updates. Python4Delphi (P4D) is the core technology/package that powers the whole Delphi-Python EcoSystem. P4D has a long history of over two decades, and you can read more about it on…
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