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A Mobile App For A Smarter Business – How It Can Improve Productivity

a mobile app for a smarter business how it can improve productivity

Mobile applications are in high demand, and to stay competitive in the throes of a turbulent economy, it’s important to strive to provide high-performance, easy-to-use mobile apps to your users. Choosing the right set of tools is as important to a software developer as it is for a carpenter or sculptor. Hitting a nail with a screwdriver produces poor results and takes a lot longer with more effort required. Michelangelo couldn’t have released his creativity and talent into the statue of David by sculpting the marble with a wooden stick. The same is true for writing software; under-powered or under-featured tools make it harder than it needs to be. With the right app building software, you can improve productivity, reduce engineering hours, and let your ideas become reality.

A Mobile App For A Smarter Business How It Can Improve Productivity
Quality craftsmanship requires good tools whether you are shaping marble abs or mobile apps

Do mobile apps offer more opportunities to increase your income and improve productivity?

A Mobile App For A Smarter Business How It Can Improve Productivity the in app purchase component
RAD Studios FireMonkey FMX has built in components to make in app purchases as easy as possible

By choosing a solution which offers a truly native experience you are able to take advantage of the unique opportunities offered by the various mobile platform vendors. The best native app builder software doesn’t wrap your apps in a weighty web framework which ties your hands.

With a solution like RAD Studio with Delphi you can have a native user experience and provide revenue-earning features such as easy-to-buy subscriptions and making online purchases accessible to your mobile users. The risks and complexities of taking user’s card details and maintaining the payment infrastructure is handled entirely by the likes of Apple and Google on your behalf. The commission taken by the vendor is easily worth it to avoid the need for you to implement and oversee your own payment solutions where you have to deal with the many local laws, taxes and licensing compliances. It’s a percentage, so the more you earn the more Apple or Google earns, but they’ve already poured their very considerable financial and legal resources into building the infrastructure, getting the necessary legal approvals, and dealing with the financial institutions.

A Mobile App For A Smarter Business How It Can Improve Productivity the banner ad component
In app advertising done right can make you money

Mobile apps have many other ways to enhance your bottom line. The mobile device has evolved into an efficient marketing and operating tool that can streamline anything from online transactions to information access. Beyond your own ability to place product marketing chasing an upsell or sales conversion for your other apps and services you can also explore the concept of ‘freemium’ and ad-supported apps. The freemium model aims to encourage app users to download a free, feature reduced version of your app and then attempt to convert those users to pay for additional desirable capabilities or to remove in-app advertising. In-app advertising of course is also an excellent source of revenue, particularly if your app has some applicability for the more desirable advertising categories.

RAD Studio strives to provide you with the best possible range of solutions which remain under your control so that any earnings from your apps are entirely yours. It’s your source code, your app, your income and when RAD Studio helps you implement money-earning activities like in-app advertising it’s you that directly benefits. Unlike some other solutions RAD Studio is the tool you use to create your future rather than being locked into some online ‘easy app creator’ monster which takes your hard work and gives you a tiny cut of the income you generate.

What do we mean by ‘affordable reach’ with a mobile app?

Connecting with potential clients was historically expensive, requiring advertisements on billboards and in newspapers with a set expiration date. With the advent of smartphone apps, the story has changed. The objective is to get as close to your present and future clientele as possible and provide them with a meaningful way to interact with your business.

A Mobile App For A Smarter Business How It Can Improve Productivity the RAD Studio icons page
RAD Studio fully supports the packaging of apps with all the correct icon and splash screen sizes

The average American spends more than two hours daily on their cell phone. While they only utilize a few applications, they are always curious about new ones. For the majority of users, the search for new apps is in the App Stores. It might be beneficial for you to appear on the app list, in the right categories and with the necessary imagery and descriptive text.

Why do you need a mobile presence to improve productivity?

A Mobile App For A Smarter Business How It Can Improve Productivity an abstract image of a mobile with a road on it

Mobile is a convenient platform from which to conduct business out-reach, where the interaction is much more personal, literally in the hands of the people the app is designed to target. This is why mobile apps are so important.

Many businesses start with web apps. Then they turn that into a mobile-friendly, responsive website, but it does not mean it will work as a truly mobile application and lacks various things. Even a progressive web app is effectively a work-around for the fact a web app is just that – a web page which lives on a web server with the limitations that brings.

With a better user experience, there is a high chance that your users spend more time on your mobile app in comparison to that of a mobile-friendly web application. 

At this time, you have dozens of options; before even searching “app builder”. Search engines such as Google are extremely good at absorbing the directions in which our thoughts are heading, and you might see an ad that promises an application development platform. You should go with a technology that is solid, reliable and well tested. One of the best app building software I can recommend is – RAD Studio.

RAD Studio is the ultimate ecosystem for building single-source multi-platform native apps with Delphi and C++ programming languages and libraries. It provides the leading IDE for building next-gen applications with 5x productivity and helps to reduce thousands of engineering hours through built-in and flexible components.

A Mobile App For A Smarter Business How It Can Improve Productivity the RAD Studio eco system
RAD Studio Developer Ecosystem

Why are companies adopting a mobile strategy?

Mobile applications commonly provide scheduling tasks, reminders, and quick payment options. The notification mechanism present in all mobile (and most desktop) platforms can lead to more engagement in your application and that translates into more engagement with your business and any services or products you offer. 

Mobile apps enable you to interact with your customers on a more individual one-on-one level. You can make your loyalty program digital. Customers can earn reward points by sharing or purchasing your products via mobile apps. This can improve mobile app traffic and encourage more people to return to your app. Personalized greetings, offers, coupon codes, and promotional materials are proven effective marketing techniques.

RAD Studio provides building multi-platform apps using a single code base with Delphi and/or C++. You can design any application rapidly with hundreds of ready-to-use visual and non-visual components. For instance, enabling push notifications in Delphi FireMonkey FMX applications is easy. Check out these two videos that show you how to create fully-functional multi-platform apps in under a few minutes.

How do mobile apps enable and augment communication and collaboration?

A mobile app can be used to provide customer support. Your app help desk can provide 24/7 customer support. It saves time per consumer while also increasing efficiency. With Google Cloud services, for example, you can create a real-time supporting service with its queue and stuff, so there is no need for emails and waits.

We can not think about applications without interconnected functionalities. Designing cloud-powered applications easily is a must-point when selecting an application development platform. Delphi with FireMonkey framework has native non-visual components that help you quickly design AWS and Azure cloud-powered applications. Here are several tutorials about cloud integration.

Besides, REST Client components will help you integrate any RESTful service into your cross-platform application in seconds. With tools like LiveBindings Designer, you do not even need to write code for parsing and showing valuable data on UI components by connecting data sources. Using RAD Studio’s REST Debugger is a MASSIVE productivity boost when it comes to interacting with online services. Combine that with the LiveBindings which take care of all the CRUD (create, retrieve, update, delete) data operations so you don’t have to investing any globs of time writing any ‘scaffold code’ to make it happen and you’re free to spend your precious efforts on the truly important tasks.

Here is a brief video showing how easy it is to integrate StackOverflow API quickly. You can follow our tutorials to learn more.

Are you creating mobile apps the hard way?

Why not try out RAD Studio and see what it can do for you to make the best, most efficient use of your time. A single code base to create Windows, macOS, Linux, iOS and Android apps. Write the code once, then a few clicks to compile and package the app for any of those platforms. Built-in productivity boosts like the REST Debugger, Low Code App Wizard plus the mobile-specific elements like the In-app purchase and banner app components make this a comprehensive power tool for you to sculpt your ideas into a work of art with the minimum effort possible.

Are you still thinking about creating your mobile app? Why are nearly all successful businesses available on mobile? Facebook, Amazon, Verizon Wireless, Bank of America, and many other companies have mobile apps in addition to web apps. They are prosperous and market leaders. Of course, the reasons for their success are complicated but there must be a purpose for them choosing to ‘go mobile’ and have at least one mobile app and, in some cases, several. If you’re looking to join them and ‘go mobile’ too, use Delphi with FireMonkey FMX to rapidly create a native and cross-platform application.

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