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How to Use Azure Cognitive Services

how to use azure cognitive services 2

It’s been around 6 years since I last wrote about the Azure Translator Services. Since 2015, the API has been updated from XML to JSON and re-organised under the Cognitive Services branding. Additionally, functionality has been broken down into different resources to help control access and provide increased flexibility around service delivery and billing.

This week, I’ve updated the original blog content and shared new classes that work with the latest API’s. The security configuration has been updated to reflect the latest regions and the code released onto Github

Download the code

The readme.md provides details about the prerequisites for using the Azure Services, including the steps to follow to find the access keys when you set up your subscriptions and resources on the Azure portal.

You can see the updated blog entry covering the services in more detail at https://delphiaball.co.uk/2021/07/30/how-to-use-azure-cloud-cognitive-services/

Azure Cloud – Translator Services

Azure Cloud – Text to Voice

Azure Cloud – Voice to Text

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