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Grab Your HUGE Delphi Anniversary “Innovation Timeline” Infographic!

Are you interested in seeing how your preferred programming language has progressed over time and what additional innovations it has enabled? Is Delphi tearing your curly brackets apart, or has C# sharpened your skills? Do you remember the various phones you’ve had throughout the years? Are you an Android phone fanatic or an Apple aficionado? When Candy Crush was first released, what Android…
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The Top 5 Quick Tips About Automating Development

Increasing technological advances are changing the software development world as we know it, whether that is pure native Windows development or a more blended approach targeting multiple device types. If you don’t keep up there’s a definite nagging doubt that you…

Celebrate Delphi's 27th by Upgrading Your Skills #Delphi27th

There is a interesting increase in the instructive content available for RAD Studio recently, in particular for Delphi. There are new books being released frequently, whitepapers and videos, as well formal training courses, covering a myriad of topics from beginners to advanced users. To celebrate the Delphi 27th anniversary, I’ve decide to create this blog and list all the content and…
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Top 10 How-To’s: Modernization

Application modernization, also known as legacy modernization, involves updating existing software and its features to benefit from technological advances and maintain performance. Modernization can involve making apps cloud-native to lower cost and increase scalability and…

Delphi’s 27th Anniversary Webinar

Next Monday is Delphi’s 27th Anniversary and Embarcadero has organized a webinar to celebrate and to discuss the product status Delphi 1 was introduced on February 14th 1995, 27 years ago next Monday. You can read the recent Delphi Time Warp and Building the…

What You Need To Know About The Metaverse

Hello C++ and Delphi Developers, Today we have some great article picks about the MetaVerse. The Metaverse is a digital world software combined with data that allows users to simulate and experiment with elements of real-life blended with virtual life. These digital worlds can be built in 3D and can be experienced by the user in an immersive first-person view which makes the user feel like…
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What Is The Anatomy Of A Great Windows Compiler?

While many believe that programmers or coders interact directly with computers or machines through code, it isn’t entirely true. Computers understand what we refer to as machine language- a set of instructions in binary combinations, the zero’s and ones. On the other…

Building The Future With Delphi #Delphi27th

Bill Clinton was President, Windows 3.1 was king, and CompuServe was still a thing. The R&D team at Borland Software Corporation which included Anders Hejlsberg, Gary Whizin, Chuck Jazdzewski, Dave Scofield, Allen Bauer, Hank Cox, Marc Cousineau, and Ray Kaestner…

Developing for Android 11 & 12 with Delphi 11 Alexandria

Android 11 is shipping on most new phones, but Android 12 has rolled out to Pixel devices everywhere. Join this webinar to see what has changed in these latest versions of Android and look at some best practices for Android development with tips for targeting the latest versions of the most popular operating system. View or download Google Slides Desktop, Mobile & Tablet…
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