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Alister Christie And Serge Pilko Talk Delphi, Part 2 of 3: Farms And Books

On 12 January Serge Pilko, Embarcadero MVP and founder of Softacom, a world leading Delphi software development services and software solutions provider, published a video of his interview with Alister Christie, author of the legendary “Code Faster in Delphi” and the creator of hundreds of videos that have shown many of today’s Delphi developers around the world how to program and…
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The Beginner's Guide to Clean Code Windows Development

Designing a well-crafted and easily manageable software system is the ultimate goal of any professional developer. Therefore, we need the best windows development tool and coding practices to achieve this goal. Clean coding is one such core practice that can help us in our mission. However, unfortunately, many new developers are not even aware of clean coding. So, let us briefly discuss clean…
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A Cornucopia of Tools To Leverage

Delphi and C++ developers have a wide spectrum of available tools to help build solutions for their companies and customers. Beyond just the compiler, IDE, components and libraries, Embarcadero and Idera provide tools you can leverage to get development done faster and with higher quality. Here is a quick rundown of all of the tools. Developer Tools Delphi and C++Builder (Professional…
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5 Compelling Reasons Why You Need IDE Software

Right now, we’re facing one of the most challenging times in IT. Enterprises are looking to accelerate improvements to keep up with rapidly changing market conditions. Hence, impacting the role of IT and piling more pressure on developers to deliver more business…

Delphi WinUI 3 Demo

Yesterday, on Delphi’s 27th anniversary Embarcadero released a WinUI 3 demo that I presented in the anniversary webinar. Here is the official announcement along with some more technical information. The demo is available in GetIt. Introduction Microsoft’s Windows App SDK (previously known as Project Reunion) includes a new native UI framework called WinUI 3. WinUI 3 is the current UI…
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