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Top 10 How-To’s: Modernization

how to modernization

Application modernization, also known as legacy modernization, involves updating existing software and its features to benefit from technological advances and maintain performance. Modernization can involve making apps cloud-native to lower cost and increase scalability and agility, and to enable remote teams to maintain and update it. Besides improving performance, modernization extends the lifespan of any application as performance requirements dictate change.

Here are 10 great How-To’s on modernization.

1. 5 Ultimate Ways To Modernize Your Apps For Windows 11

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Delphi offers a modern, robust & enterprise-grade UI developer environment with Visual Component Library (VCL) for Windows only and FireMonkey (FMX) for cross-platform development. Delphi VCL offers the latest features and modern UI controls for your Windows app development.

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2. Everything You Need To Modernize With RAD Server

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In the modern age, isn’t it true to say we are completely surrounded and immersed in the technology of diverse forms? Much of it now is entirely cloud-based, but there’s still a substantial proportion that employs a mix of both cloud and more physical hardware computing resources. However, the common thread among all of these technologies, even the most recent ones, is the certainty of them becoming obsolete. After all, even though all technologies evolve rapidly, they are eventually replaced by something which is either an evolutionary step thanks to advances in technological offerings or because new and more potent ways of providing a service or solving a problem emerge.

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3. A Guide To Migrating From Legacy .NET Framework To Delphi

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The application migration process can be easy or tedious, depending on the technology you are migrating. Moreover, migrating legacy projects to a new development environment might take a vast amount of time because of new software-from-scratch – re-engineering.

Application migration is a broad term in the technological realm. Application migration can involve moving the app to a different cloud service provider. It can also be a migration from one technology to another, such as.NET to Delphi FireMonkey. It is possible to migrate from legacy to a completely new up-to-date technology from the ground up. Furthermore, this can be database migration and platform migration, but with the use of IDE software, it will be simple and fast to migrate.

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4. Modernize Your Applications With The Fluent Design System

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Just recently there have been some great webinars and posts on how to modernize your applications.  We’ve gathered together a collection of the most recent ones which focus on Microsoft’s gorgeous Fluent Design System.

Visitors to the Desktop First Conference were able to hear directly from Microsoft Engineer Matteo Pagani.  In this video Matteo describes Fluent UI in particular from Microsoft’s perspective and how it can help add that superb look and really modernize your applications.

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5. Modernize Your Multi-Device Fire Monkey App Easy To Use Card View Wizard Layout Template

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User experience is the key thing to be considered while building a modern Multi-Device application. Lots of layout templates were available in GetIt Package Manager to design responsive, ultra-modern, cross-platform FireMonkey applications. This post helps to understand one of the FireMonkey Layout templates, the Card View Wizard.

Card View Layout Template is a Fire Monkey template that incorporates a number of card view pages that can be navigated forward and backward, though one would use this as an in-app tutorial.

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6. Quickly Migrate and Modernize Your Delphi/C++ Apps Using FastReport With Windows High DPI Setup

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Display panel manufacturers have packed an increasing number of pixels into each unit of physical space on their panels resulted in the dots per inch (DPI) of modern display panels. In the past, most displays had 96 pixels per linear inch of physical space (96 DPI); in 2017, displays with nearly 300 DPI or higher are readily available. Variety of monitors like SD, Full HD, 4K Ultra HD, 8K Ultra HD in the market.

We have laptops, desktops with small screens, and without display scale factor/DPI changes it’s very hard to use it and this can be even more complicated when talking about Full HD, 4K Ultra HD, 8K Ultra HD. Our application should be able to handle them. You cannot be sure what every user prefers.

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7. Learn How To Modernize And Integrate WinAPI, COM, ShellAPI, And WinRT Into Your Windows VCL Applications

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In this webinar, learn how to access all the APIs on Windows 10 from RAD Studio, Delphi, and C++Builder.


  • Traditional Core APIs
  • Shell Integration
  • WinRT
  • and more

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8. A RoadMap To Migrate Your Legacy Delphi And C++ Applications To The Latest Blazing-Fast Version

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Thinking to migrate your Legacy Delphi/C++Builder Applications to the Latest Delphi? Curious to know the things to do and tips to do effortless migrations ? This post will guide you through the considerations for successful migrations.

Things to consider :

Unicode Compatibility – Unicode support was added to RAD Studio, Delphi and C++Builder starting with the 2009 version. Many migration resources were developed at that time but are still useful today if upgrading from a pre-Unicode (2007 or earlier) version. Unicode Statistics Tool on your Delphi application and check if any Unicode changes are needed.This Unicode Statistics Tool will assist you in collecting useful statistics for the time and effort needed to migrate your Delphi applications to Unicode. More Resources for Unicode.

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9. This Is How To Modernize Your Apps On Time And Under Budget

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We know that technology is progressing at a rapid pace. The software systems built five years ago using the then-modern technologies might not be relevant today due to outdated versions. Every software that aims to scale and provide effective services to its consumers must be open to modernization. Modernization of software systems enhances their longevity and keeps them relevant to the technological age in which they are operating.

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10. Embarcadero Dev C++: Successfully Modernizing A Popular Windows C++ IDE

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In October of 2020, Embarcadero sponsored and released a new fork version 6.0 of Dev C++ with improvements that included an updated GCC 9.2.0 compiler with support for Windows 10 and C++17/C++20, high DPI, UTF8 files and improved icons, and a dark theme option. An earlier update in July featured an upgrade of the Dev C++ code to Delphi 10.4.

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