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Modernize Your Multi-Device Fire Monkey App Easy To Use Card View Wizard Layout Template

User experience is the key thing to be considered while building a modern Multi-Device application. Lots of layout templates were available in GetIt Package Manager to design responsive, ultra-modern, cross-platform FireMonkey applications. This post helps to understand one of the FireMonkey Layout templates the Card View Wizard.

Card View Layout Template is a Fire Monkey template that incorporates a number of card view pages that can be navigated forward and backward though one would use this as an in-app tutorial.

How to install:

You can easily install this IDE Plugin from GetIt Package Manager. The steps are as follows.

  1. Navigate In RAD Studio IDE->Tools->GetIt Package Manager->select Sample Projects in Categories-> Card View Wizard 1.0 by Embercadero Technologies and click Install Button.
  2. Read the license and Click Agree All. An Information dialog saying ‘Requires a restart of RAD studio at the end of the process. Do you want to proceed? Click yes and continue.
  3. It will download the plugin and installs it. Once installed Click Restart now.
cardviewwizard 1742053
<strong>GetIt Card View Wizard 10<strong>

Card View Wizard Sample App Implementation Details:

  • Car View Wizard Sample app contains, a TTabControl with a list of TabItems in it. Each TabItem is placed with an instance of TFrameCard defined in uCardFrame.pas. TFrameCard can set CardTitle, CardText, and Configure card with CardLayout Text image.

When the WizardTabControlChange event occurs the respective card is displayed with title text and background image.

cardviewwizard 5444967
<strong>Card View Wizard 10 Demo<strong>

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