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Modernize Your Applications With The Fluent Design System

Just recently there have been some great webinars and posts on how to modernize your applications.  We’ve gathered together a collection of the most recent ones which focus on Microsoft’s gorgeous Fluent Design System.

First: What Is The Fluent Design System And How Can It Help Modernize Your Applications?

Visitors to the Desktop First Conference were able to hear directly from Microsoft Engineer Matteo Pagani.  In this video Matteo describes Fluent UI in particular from Microsoft’s perspective and how it can help add that superb look and really modernize your applications.

Next two videos from Embarcadero’s own Delphi MVP, self-confessed ‘design geek’ Ian Barker – this is part one:

…and this is the follow-up, part two:

We have a lot more coming in the next few weeks specifically on this topic; and there’s never been a better time to learn about the different techniques and the great tools RAD Studio provides to modernize your applications!

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