Developer Stories: Alysson Cunha Speaks On His Firecast 8 Entertainment Software

Alysson Cunha has been programming with Delphi since he was 13, in 2001. His showcase entry (Firecast 8) won the grand prize of the Delphi 26th Showcase Challenge and we interviewed him on everything about his winning software and how it came about. Get more information about the entertainment software on the RRPG Firecast website. When did you start using RAD Studio/Delphi and have long have…
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Delphi Offers Deeper Third-Party Tool API Integration Than WPF And Electron

How do Delphi, WPF .NET Framework, and Electron perform compared to each other, and what’s the best way to make an objective comparison? Embarcadero commissioned a whitepaper to investigate the differences between Delphi, WPF .NET Framework, and Electron for building Windows desktop applications. The benchmark application – a Windows 10 Calculator clone – was recreated in each framework…
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Robust Exception Handling in C++Builder 10.4.2

Quality Release C++Builder 10.4.2 brings some great features we believe will really help you — the biggest being ‘split DWARF’, a way to reduce memory usage in the linker by removing debug information. If you have projects that push the linker’s limits, check it…
C++CodeRAD Studio :: Editor's Picks 3D Perseverance Simulation, Unit Tests, Sorting, Vectors, Optimization, Linked Lists

Hello C++ Builder Developers, We have more post picks for you from the web site, here we listed some of interesting posts from February. If you are beginner or want to jump in to C++ Builder please visit our web site for the great posts from basics to professional examples, full codes, snippets, etc. Do you want to learn how to import 3D objects as a Model3D…
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Open Source C++ Libraries in C++Builder 10.4.2

C++ has a wide ecosystem. One of our key goals with C++Builder is to ensure you can take advantage of the libraries other C++ developers write. With each release we’ve been working on the RTL and STL to ensure it is of a high quality and has great compatibility &#8211…

Blazing Fast macOS Development With Native macOS Components

Native applications feel really good. You know what I am saying! They look nice and work better. And no flickering or eating lots of memory. With Delphi and C++ Builder you can build cross-platform native applications easily in no time. FireMonkey offers full access to the platform-specific APIs and it is easy to implement any feature by getting the full native performance. However, each…
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