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Blazing Fast macOS Development With Native macOS Components

Native applications feel really good. You know what I am saying! They look nice and work better. And no flickering or eating lots of memory. With Delphi and C++ Builder you can build cross-platform native applications easily in no time. 

FireMonkey offers full access to the platform-specific APIs and it is easy to implement any feature by getting the full native performance. However, each platform has its hundreds of libraries or components and you do not get all the platform-specific components in the palette. 

Nevertheless, third-party components are available and one of them is the TMS mCL. This is a set of components for true native macOS application development.


What do you get from the TMS mCL?

  • TTMSFMXNativeNSOutlineView
  • TTMSFMXNativeMaciCloudDocument
  • TTMSFMXNativeMacPDFLib
  • TTMSFMXNativeMaciCloud
  • TTMSFMXNativeNSRichTextView
  • TMSFMXNativePDFThumbnailView
  • and more

For instance, the TTMSFMXNativeMaciCloud component provides:

  • Access to the iCloud key-value storage
  • Configurable automatic or manual synchronization of keys and values
  • Add, delete and update key events
  • Support for String, Integer, Boolean, Double, and TMemoryStream
  • Capability to synchronize settings and data between iPod, iPhone, iPad, and macOS applications

Or the TTMSFMXNativeNSRichTextView component:

  • Native macOS NSTextView with full rich text editing capabilities
  • Support for full document style and font manipulation
  • Support for URL, emoticons, bitmaps
  • Exporting options

These complex macOS components help you to make a successful project using Delphi or C++ Builder.

Be sure to head over and check out the TMS mCL component set on the GetIt portal and download it in the IDE using the GetIt Package Manager!


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