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Easily Connect To Zephyr HxM Smart Heart Rate Monitor From Windows

easily connect to zephyr hxm smart heart rate monitor using rad studio

We have been exploring some of the best IoT solutions with Delphi and C++ Builder in the last posts. For instance, the Heart Rate Monitor IoT component pack which provides heart rate measurements for IoT devices that utilize the standard GATT-based heart rate service.

If you have been on the GetIt portal you have seen there are dozens of IoT components available for RAD Studio. And one of them is the Zephyr HxM Smart by Zephyr.

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By this, you can connect to these IoT devices quickly by writing less code. All the modules are provided to you when you install the library and there is a complete demo application to show you how to utilize the component itself. 

  •   Iot.Device.ZephyrHeartRateMonitor,
  •   Iot.Device.ZephyrHeartRateMonitorHelper,
  •   Iot.Device.ZephyrHeartRateMonitorTypes

These are the main units for the Zephyr HxM Smart by Zephyr which help you to communicate with the hardware.

Be sure to head over and check out the Zephyr Heart Rate Monitor IoT component pack on the GetIt portal and download it from the IDE using the GetIt Package Manager.

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You can easily Connect To Zephyr HxM Smart Heart Rate Monitor From Windows Using Delphi’s IDE Software. Begin developing in C++ or Delphi environments right away.

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