ORM For Delphi

Object Relational Mapping is the idea of being able to write queries using the object-oriented paradigm in your preferred programming language. So this means we are trying to utilize our language to talk with the database instead of using SQL. Why utilize ORM? It abstracts away the database system, so switching is easy.Your queries can be efficient than writing them with SQL.With ORM, you…
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Developing Fluent User Interfaces For Windows 10

In this post, we invite you to Join Delphi MVP Ian Barker as he demonstrates how to achieve the modern Windows 10 look and feel with RAD Studio themes and some *extremely* low-cost third-party controls. Ian will show you how to achieve that truly modern WOW factor with…

Easily Create Visually-Stunning Instrumentation Multimedia Applications

If you would like to create professional-looking instrumentation and multimedia applications with VCL and FireMonkey you should read this post! What is TMS Instrumentation? TMS Instrumentation is a library full of components, methods, and routines enabling you to create professional-looking instrumentation and a multimedia application. This component set contains more than 80…
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