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Easily Create Visually-Stunning Instrumentation Multimedia Applications

easily create visually stunning instrumentation multimedia applications

If you would like to create professional-looking instrumentation and multimedia applications with VCL and FireMonkey you should read this post!

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What is TMS Instrumentation?

TMS Instrumentation is a library full of components, methods, and routines enabling you to create professional-looking instrumentation and a multimedia application. This component set contains more than 80 instrumentation and digital component like LEDs, scopes, banners, sliders, buttons, meters, and much more.

What are the components?


tiwmeters 1348879

Sliders & Bars

tiwsliders 9039268

LED styles

tiwledstyles 8326594


tiwcounters 5200561

Multi-colored Matrix

tiwmatrix 9642135

Button and Graphics


tiwscopepanel 9785990

The visual components are just part of the component set. You also get several non-visual components to control the keyboard or to make efficient multithreaded application and more.

Non-visual components

  • TVrDirScan: non visual component for locating files on local or network drives
  • TVrRunOnce: disable multiple instances of the application
  • TVrTrayGauge: component to add progress indicator in system tray
  • and more

How to download TMS Instrumentation component set?

Head over and check out the TMS Instrumentation component set on the GetIt portal and download it in the IDE!

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