7 Tips For Learning C++ In 2021 From If Statements To IDEs And Compilers

LearnCPlusPlus.org is a great resource for learning C++. It has a number of posts that cover the basics like selecting a C++ IDE and a C++ compiler (we know you’ll choose C++Builder and Dev-C++ for maximum productivity, right 😉 First up we have a top 6 compilers list. Next we list the top c++ compilers. Following that we have a video about Test Drive C++ by Phil Nash at Cppcon 2020.
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Easily Access AC, Processor, And Battery Power Status In Your Delphi App With Ultimate Component Suite

Sometimes Developers may need to perform implementations based on Machine’s Battery and CPU power status. How to collect such information’s quickly ? Don’t know how to do. Don’t worry. MiTec’sSystem Information Management Suite’s component helps to retrieve such information faster. In this blog post we will learn how to use the TMiTec_APM component to…
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