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Easy Way To Monitor Devices Connected To A Machine In Your Delphi App With Flexible Component Suite

Do you need to Monitor Devices in your Machine from your Delphi Application? Don’t know where to start with ? Don’t worry.MiTec’sSystem Information Management Suite’s component helps to monitor your USB, Bluetooth devices or TV/monitor connection/disconnection, volumes mount/unmount, CD/DVD insert/eject with less code and we will learn how to use MiTeC_DeviceMonitor in this…
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Delphi Provides Long-Term Feasibility Over Ever Changing Electron And End Of Lifed WPF .NET Framework

Embarcadero commissioned a whitepaper to investigate the differences between Delphi, WPF .NET Framework, and Electron for building Windows desktop applications. The benchmark application – a Windows 10 Calculator clone – was recreated in each framework by three Delphi Most Valuable Professionals (MVPs) volunteers, one expert freelance WPF developer, and one expert Electron freelance developer.
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