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Apply The Pretty Good Privacy Standard For Encrypting And Decrypting Messages


Open encryption standards are best for security and privacy most of the time. Pretty Good Privacy (PGP) standard specifies encryption formats to facilitate private messaging capabilities for email and other message encryption. 

IPWorks OpenPGP is a complete set of components for email encryption and document protection. IPWorks OpenPGP implements the OpenPGP standard for encryption and decryption and includes support for OpenPGP key creation and management.

IPWorks OpenPGP Features

  • Enterprise-Grade components
  • Encrypt, decrypt, sign and verify via OpenPGP
  • Solid components to utilize
  • Support for string hashing and encryption algorithms
IPWorks OpenPGP In Action – Delphi

When you install IPworks OpenPGP it comes with several demo applications which show you how to utilize all the functionalities of the OpenPGP library.

Be sure to head over and check out the IPWorks OpenPGP Library on GetIt portal and download it from the IDE


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