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The Top 10 Most-Read Blog Posts of 2022

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In 2022 the Embarcadero blog had just under two million pageviews. This reaffirms the connection between Embarcadero and the Delphi community, and the strong interest our product updates and explorations of Delphi’s capabilities generate among developers.

So which of the blog posts of 2022 drew the most interest? To compile this list we chose to leave out posts related to product releases and updates, as they predictably well read, and highlight the non-news gems that delivered using GA data.

The list below leaves out the most popular blog posts related to product releases and updates, like:

Delphi WinUI 3 Demo, published by Marco Cantu on 15 February

Announcing the Availability of RAD Studio 11.1 Alexandria, published by Marco Cantu on 15 March

RAD Studio 11.1 Alexandria Patch 1 Available, published by Marco Cantu on 27 April

Delphi iOS Simulator Support in RAD Studio 11.2, published by Marco Cantu on 11 August

RAD Studio New Release: What’s Coming in 11.2, published by Hagop Panosian on 1 September

These blog posts together garnered around 33k views together. And below, in reverse order, are the most-read blog posts of 2022.

10. Delphi 11.2 Supercharges Cross-Platform Development

By Eli M. (MVP),  September 22, 2022

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Delphi 11.2 is here, and it’s packed with features that will make cross-platform development faster and easier than ever. Whether you’re building mobile apps, desktop software, or anything in between, Delphi 11.2 has the tools you need to get the job done quickly and efficiently. In this article, we’ll take a look at some of the most impressive new features in Delphi 11.2 and see how they can help you streamline your workflow. So what are you waiting for? Get started using Delphi 11.2 today!


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9. The Strange Case of the VCL Forms ClientWidth and the Windows Versions PE Flags

By Marco Cantu,  January 4, 2022

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A Windows application is stored in an EXE file in the PE format, which includes a number of PE flags that determine the application behavior in many areas. One of these flags is the Windows version. Over the last year, the Embarcadero R&D team has started to witness that some Windows APIs (particularly related to the windows non-client area, but also around High DPI) were not behaving correctly in the latest versions of the operating system.


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8. Introduction to Python GUI Development with Delphi for Python (VCL & FMX)

By Jim McKeeth,  January 12, 2022

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Learn how Embarcadero’s newly released free Python GUI modules bring the power and flexibility of Delphi’s GUI frameworks to Python. VCL and FireMonkey (FMX) are mature GUI libraries. VCL is focused on native Windows development, while FireMonkey brings a powerful flexible GUI framework to Windows, Linux, macOS, and even Android. This webinar will introduce you to these new free Python modules and how you can use them to build graphical user interfaces with Python. Part 2 will show you how to target Android GUI applications with Python!


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7. Supercharge Your User Interface with Skia4Delphi – Webinar Replay

By Jim McKeeth,  April 26, 2022

top10 017

What do Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Chrome OS, Android, Flutter, and Delphi all have in common? They have accelerated graphics thanks to Skia. This high-performance, cross-platform 2D graphics library is taking the development world by storm. It works with VCL and FireMonkey on every platform Delphi supports. One line of code can make your existing FireMonkey applications faster, or take it further and unlock new features for breathtaking user interfaces.


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6. The Impact of Log4j on Software Development with Delphi and C++Builder

By Marco Cantu,  December 22, 2021

top10 016

Unless you live on a remote island with no Internet connection, you’ve certainly heard about the Log4j issues that affected so many applications and internet services over the last 10 days. The coincidental discovery of this critical bug in the context of Minecraft console messages (typing a message on the Minecraft game client could let someone execute code on a Minecraft server) due to the use of an extremely popular Java logging library called Log4j, caused every single IT company and every company using software applications to check if the issue was affecting the company’s software, hosted services, internal web sites, and any other use case scenario.


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5. FreeAndNil() – Delphi Developer Debate

By Jim McKeeth,  June 22, 2022

top10 015

You are familiar with FreeAndNil(), but do you use it? How often? Are you using it right? As with most things in software development, it is a complicated topic. So let’s see what the experts have to say. We are going to debate the details in a friendly discussion with some of your favorite MVPs.


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4. 5 More Easy Things To Learn About Strings In C++ Software

By Yılmaz Yörü,  July 1, 2022

top10 014

In an earlier article we covered at least 5 easy things to learn about C++ software where we focused on how to iterate and manipulate strings in C++ in various ways. Today we have some more new topics about strings to help reinforce that knowledge. We will learn more string operations working on things as basic_string as well as std::u16string and std::u32string types. We will explain how we can use iterators of string in C++ with some great examples. We have great app design tips for the developers, focused on alignment of UI elements. In the final post, we teach how to extract file extensions from a string, mostly a Unicode String in C++ Builder.


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3. Developing for Android 11 & 12 with Delphi 11 Alexandria

By Jim McKeeth,  February 9, 2022

top10 013

Android 11 is shipping on most new phones, but Android 12 has rolled out to Pixel devices everywhere. Join this webinar to see what has changed in these latest versions of Android and look at some best practices for Android development with tips for targeting the latest versions of the most popular operating system.


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2. Advanced Programming – A Complete Guide To Programming In C++

By Yılmaz Yörü,  October 28, 2022

top10 012

This article is part of a series which teaches you the basics of how to write C++ software. C and C++ both make use of pointers. Often, new C++ programmers can struggle with both the concept and correct use of pointers. In this post we will explain what pointers are along with a discussion of linked lists which are a very common data structure type that are made possible thanks to pointers. We also look at sorting algorithms because, if you have a list then you often want to sort that list.


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1. Enter the Skia4Delphi GUI Beauty Contest

By Jim McKeeth,  May 10, 2022

top10 011

We all know Delphi is the best tool when it comes to making amazing GUI applications. Use Skia4Delphi to take it to the next level in this contest. Skia is a super powerful, high performance, open source, cross platform 2D graphics library. Thanks to Skia4Delphi you have full access to Skia’s amazing features. Combine that with Delphi 11.1 Alexandria and you can create amazingly beautiful applications on Windows, macOS, Linux, iOS, and Android, all with the same code base.

15k+ views

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There you have it, the top 10 most-read blog posts of 2022. Enjoy reading them again. Expect more great content from Embarcadero in 2023!

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