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RAD Studio 11.1 Alexandria Patch 1 Available

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Today Embarcadero released a patch for RAD Studio, Delphi, and C++Builder 11.1 Alexandria. The patch addresses a few relevant issues in the most recent release and is available to active update subscription customers in the GetIt Package Manager (with a matching alert showing up in the IDE Welcome Page) or on the my.embarcadero.com download site. Installing this patch is recommended for all RAD Studio 11.1 customers. The patch readme with the list of publicly reported issues addressed is below in this blog post (and in the patch readme file), which also explains the installation process.

GetIt-based installation steps for this deferred package are very similar to what already described in the blog post https://blogs.embarcadero.com/rad-studio-11-alexandria-patch-1-available/. Notice that starting with 11.1 you also have the ability to “dismiss” a patch and not be reminded about it in the Welcome Page any more, even without installing it.

In this case you download the patch ZIP file from the my.embarcadero.com portal, you’ll have to install it manually, following similar steps of the automated install. You need to manually close the RAD Studio IDE before you install the patch (you’ll see an error if the IDE is running) and follow the steps in the readme.

RAD Studio 11 Patch 1 Readme

RAD Studio 11.1 Patch 1 Readme
This patch addresses some issues in RAD Studio 11.1, including with Delphi compiler, debugging on macOS and iOS, C++ code completion with the classic compiler, and additional areas listed below.

Installing this patch is recommended for all RAD Studio 11.1 customers. This patch is about 400MB to download.

Installation via GetIt

If you download the patch via GetIt, it is installed automatically, creating a backup of the files replaced. However, the new version of PAServer for macOS needs to be manually installed on your Mac. The new version is copied into the PAserver folder (by default, a folder like C:Program Files (x86)EmbarcaderoStudio22.0PAServer), and you need to copy it over to a Mac and install it manually there. See also the additional steps for Python configuration below.

rad111 patch1

Manual Download and Installation

This patch is also available in the download portal at my.embarcadero.com. In this case, you’ll find the main RAD Studio 11 Patch 1 download file, which you have to expand into the respective subfolders of the RAD Studio installation folder, and you’d still need to copy and install the updated PAServer for macOS on your Mac. See also the additional steps for Python configuration below.

Additional Steps for Python Configuration on macOS

PAServer for macOS requires the use of Python 2.7. Here are the recommended steps:

1. Download Python 2.7 from the link below and install it

2. Create a correct symlink for Python 2.7
– cd /Applications/PAServer-22.0.app/Contents/MacOS/lldb-x86_64/lib/python2.7
– sudo mv Python Python.orig
– sudo ln -s /Library/Frameworks/Python.framework/Versions/2.7/Python Python

Uninstallation steps

1. Close RAD Studio
2a. For a GetIt installation, open the Catalog Repository installation folder and move to the patch folder
2b. For a manual installation, open the fodler with the installation files
3. Run the patch.R111.patch1_uninstall.bat file
4. Uninstall the package from GetIt

Quality Portal issues addresses by this patch

RSP-37880 Can’t debug iOS
RSP-37760 Using ImageList causes IDE to crash
RSP-37733 IDE Access Violation when Inheriting from a Form with a TListView in DynamicAppearance.
RSP-37690 GridPanelLayout on form memory leaks on end app — same if not used at all
RSP-37667 Cannot fit requested classes in a single DEX file (# methods: 71471 > 65536)
RSP-37665 Code Insight broken for classic compiler
RSP-37662 Segmentation Fault(11) in SysUtils.Pop on Android64
RSP-37609 PAServer ships with Python 2.7 dependencies – which are no longer available in macOS 12.3
RSP-37408 Delayed flag break Exe’s ASLR function
RSP-37378 Memory leak
RSP-35040 64bit packets in C++ containing Delphi code do not run

We have also addressed an issue with MongoDB transactions, a FireMonkey memory with the TGPUObjectsPool class var instance (associated with RSP-37690), and a Delphi compiler issue (on some platforms) related to AtomicCmpExchange128.

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