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Enter the Skia4Delphi GUI Beauty Contest

skia beauty contest

TL;DR: Make a cool demo using Skia4Delphi and Delphi 11.1 Alexandria, post it on GitHub, be the envy of all your friends, and maybe win a prize!

We all know Delphi is the best tool when it comes to making amazing GUI applications. Use Skia4Delphi to take it to the next level in this contest. Skia is a super powerful, high performance, open source, cross platform 2D graphics library. Thanks to Skia4Delphi you have full access to Skia’s amazing features. Combine that with Delphi 11.1 Alexandria and you can create amazingly beautiful applications on Windows, macOS, Linux, iOS, and Android, all with the same code base.

Skia4Delphi works with VCL and FMX. With FMX, you can switch to Skia as your rendering engine to improve the performance of your FireMonkey application, and unlock smoother animations with a single line of code.

Review the webinar, install Skia4Delphi, and impress the world with your creative genius!

skia contest win m1 mac

Steps to Enter

To explore the amazing potential of Skia4Delphi in your applications we are hosting a contest. The requirements are straightforward.

  1. Install Skia4Delphi – it is available via GetIt or on GitHub.
  2. Use Delphi 11.1 Alexandria to create or update a VCL or FMX application using Skia4Delphi.
  3. Record a short video demonstrating your application in action. 
    • Post it on YouTube, Vimeo, or other video hosting platform.
  4. Capture a few screenshots of your beautiful user interface.
  5. Post your code on GitHub. 
    • Include the images and a link to your video in the readme.
  6. Include an overview of your project, details on how to build it, a description of what it does, why’s it cool, and how Skia4Delphi makes it amazing in the readme.md! 
  7. Use the topic tags: Delphi, Skia, Skia4Delphi, and others (FMX, VCL, Android, etc.) as appropriate.
  8. Include links to this blog post, Skia4Delphi, and Delphi’s home page.
  9. Share your entry on social media, tagging Embarcadero on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, etc.
  10. Fill out the official entry form.
  11. Stay tuned to this post and our blog for updates and more details.


  • Grand Prize is an Apple M1 Mac Mini so you can take advantage of the great new support for Apple Silicon in Delphi 11 Alexandria. 
  • We will feature some of the entries we like best in blog posts and social media.
  • Other prizes may be added depending on the number of entries received.


  1. You are free to use any other 3rd party libraries, components, etc., but don’t include that code on GitHub. Make sure you include links and details on where to get them in your description.
  2. Feel free to use external graphical resources to make your user interface look great.
  3. If your project is complicated to build then be sure to include a pre-built binary as a release. 
  4. Skia4Delphi doesn’t officially support C++Builder yet, but you are welcome to use C++Builder in this contest if you want to make it work.
  5. Yes, you need to post your code, but you can use any license you want. We recommend MIT or BSD, but the choice is yours.
  6. The video doesn’t need to be anything fancy, just show off your application in action. It would be cool to show some code too. 
  7. Contest is open to anyone, including MVPs, Tech Partners, customers, and developers new to Delphi.
  8. Entry can be an existing project that was updated to Delphi 11.1 Alexandria and Skia4Delphi, or a new project created from scratch.
  9. Your entry can target any platform, or even be a component, tool, or library extending Skia4Delphi.
  10. Winners selected by Embarcadero, but may be heavily influenced by social media (likes, reshares, etc.) & GitHub stars.
  11. By entering this contest you consent for your information to be re-shared by Embarcadero in blog posts, social media, and for marketing purposes.
  12. Contest open until 11:59 CST, July 1st, 2022. 
  13. Must be of the legal age of majority (usually 18+), and residing in a country not restricted by a US trade embargo.
  14. Rules subject to change, and additional restrictions may apply. Stay tuned to this post and our blog for updates and more details.

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