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Picking the Best UI Framework for Windows 11 Development

This article contains the slides and the replay for the “Picking the Best UI Framework for Windows 11 Development” webinar along with the links mentioned during the presentation. Here is the full replay of the “Picking the best UI framework for Windows 11 development” webinar If you missed the live webinar here’s the full replay. Links featured in the…
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C++ :: Learn about Input & Output, Constants, Literals, Data Types, Learn to use VCL & FMX Styles, Generic Algorithms and more

Dear C++ Builder Developers, We keep adding a lot of great blogs from the website for beginners, new developers in C++ Builder, and professionals. We have another great new C++ Builder post picks from the last week.  Do you want to modernize your C++ applications on Windows? Try Styles in C++ Builder, it comes officially with Rad Studio and very easy to use glomerulus…
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Easily Apply VCL Styles To Dialogs And More With Open Source VCL Styles Utils Project

The VCL Styles Utils is a Delphi library that extends the RAD Studio VCL Styles, adding unique features like the support for Classic and New Common dialogs, Task Dialogs, Styling of popup and shell menus, Non client area components, and much more. This library was used very successfully to apply styles more fully in Dev-C++. Features Vcl.Styles.Ext unit extended the VCL Styles…
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Learn Useful Hints For Working With Styles To Build Visually Stunning Windows Applications

Want to style your Delphi/C++Builder applications with few steps? Want to view and choose your style before applying to your application? Don’t know how to do? This post will guide you. A style is a set of graphical details that define the look and feel of a VCL/FMX application. Similar to a theme in Windows. A style permits you to change the appearance of every part and state of a…
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