10 Creative Ways To Develop Awesome C++ Apps On Windows

1. Use The Latest Modern Components via Get-It! When developing Modern C++ apps we mostly refer to a lot of libraries and other tools that helps us to modernize our applications. They also help to save time, to save us to see a lot of code lines, to save us to learn and focus on more areas. One of the strongest parts of C++ Builder is its components and libraries, plus it supports 3rd party…
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See How SongShow Mobile Control Flexes Its Real-Time Power

SongShow Plus demonstrates how a well-written application can breeze through seemingly difficult tasks like real-time streaming. On the face of it SongShow Plus – which is now on version 8 – is portrayed as a remote control and aid for live presentations and stage performances, but behind this modest public face is a whole lot of power. How does SongShow Plus flex its Delphi…
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VCL Styles: Master The Secrets Of Beautiful Modern Apps In Windows 10

Similar to Windows themes, VCL styles make it easy to radically change the appearance of your VCL applications, giving your application that extra level of polish and professionalism. Thanks to the Per Control VCL Styles introduced in 10.4, a single form can take advantage of multiple styles giving you maximum customization and control. RAD Studio, Delphi, and C++Builder ship a selection of VCL…
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Useful UX Design Guidelines For Modernizing Your Delphi VCL And FireMonkey Applications In Windows 10

Its already late and time to modernize your Delphi/C++ Application with extensive Windows 10 support, as the support for Windows 7 ended on January 14, 2020. Rad Studio offers robust components and visually stunning styles to modernize your existing applications in Windows 10. This post will give overview some of the Windows 10 specific features introduced in RAD Studio. Features…
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