Great C++ Things This Week: Data Visualization And More

Hello fellow developers! We’ve had a terrific week over on LearnCPlusPlus.organd we wanted to share a few glimpses with you here. You can also click on the following link to discover a real treasure-trove of posts in the C++ Category. LearnCPlusPlus.Org is the one-stop destination for C++ knowledge, tips, tricks and examples We try to answer the developer’s needs with…
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ORM For Delphi

Object Relational Mapping is the idea of being able to write queries using the object-oriented paradigm in your preferred programming language. So this means we are trying to utilize our language to talk with the database instead of using SQL. Why utilize ORM? It abstracts away the database system, so switching is easy.Your queries can be efficient than writing them with SQL.With ORM, you…
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