Ultimate Enhanced Native Windows Task Manager Built In Delphi

Developer Michal Mutl with MiTeC has a powerful enhanced task manager utility available which is built in Delphi. The features in this enhanced task manager make it one of the most advanced task managers for Windows that I have seen. There are so many features here it’s incredible. According to the feature list Task Manager Deluxe (TMX) provides real-time observing of: running processes…
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Rapidly Design, Build, And Develop Powerful Visually Stunning Apps In C++Builder

Many thanks to Eli for this great overview of C++Builder and what it offers to application developers. Embarcadero’s C++Builder is a versatile rapid application development tool which leverages powerful technologies to help you quickly build beautiful desktop and mobile apps with the power of C++. C++Builder has built-in support for platforms like Windows and iOS, technologies like JSON/BSON…
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New Productivity Tooling in RAD Studio 10.3.1: Bookmarks

In RAD Studio 10.3.1, we’ve added two new really useful productivity tools to the IDE, which improve navigation: finding your code, and moving around within your code. These were previously third-party tools that were very popular withthousands of Delphi and C++Builder developers, and which we’re glad to integrate into the IDE itself to bring these useful features to every…
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