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Boost C++ Compile Speeds with Newly Updated TwineCompile - Now in GetIt!

by Jonathan Benedicto of JomiTech, the makers of TwineCompile TwineCompile is our solution to slow C++ compile times. Integrating directly into the C++Builder IDE, it dramatically reduces the compile/make/build times by employing techniques such as multithreading, file caching, and automatic background compiling. In some cases, the projects compile 50x faster with TwineCompile! The…
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Troubleshooting: Installing Bookmarks and Navigator in 10.3 Rio as well as earlier versions

Bookmarks and Navigator are some great coding productivity tools available in RAD Studio 10.3.1. You can install them via GetIt. They were recently acquired, and currently still have afew items you might noticerelating to their previous life as a third party addon. The installers for older versions of the IDE are no longer available, since they are now part of RAD Studio 10.3.1. One…
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