Protect Your App With This Free Anti-Hacking Tool In 2021

Hackers around the world are using advanced tools to abuse your source code. They can extract sensitive information from your application and cause major financial damage. As a result, obfuscating your Delphi program can be critical. It will make it extremely difficult for hackers to analyze the code. As a result, they cannot abuse or add malicious functions to your application. In this post, you…
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C++DelphiRAD Studio

Easy Serialization From Query To JSON

This is a set of features combined on a group of functions to help you work with JSON format, without had to write a bunch of classes and handles, perfect for people who work with integrated applications, such as web services host or client, or if your project requires NO SQL databases. For now, it is compatible with Win32 and Win64 and from Delphi XE3 to Rio according to the official GitHub…
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Free Color Picker Is An Amazing Advanced Color Capture Software Built In Delphi

Free Color Picker is a program that lets you capture the color of any pixel displayed on the screen and it is developed in Delphi. As stated by the developer, “Free Color Picker is an open source application. To capture a color, just move the cursor to the desired position and press the F4 key. The color below the cursor will be added to the color palette located in the right part of the…
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CodeDelphiIDERAD Studio

Easily Add Product Licensing For Delphi Apps Using TurboPack OnGuard

TurboPack OnGuard is a copy-protection system for VCL and FMX applications built using Delphi and C++ Builder. In this article, I illustrate using TurboPack OnGuard and an integration with back-end Digital-River’s MyCommerce. Digital River MyCommece platform is a sales ordering platform for customers to order software. Getting Started In the below video you can see it takes less than a…
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