Using a Common C++ Library with C++Builder and TwineCompile

One of the many big advantages to using C++ for applications and projects is the access one has to the vast library of C++  libraries and frameworks available. Basically, there is a C++ library for anything, and if there isn’t, there is definitely a C  library for it.  Back in the day, it was generally a challenge to integrate different libraries into C++ projects due to the variances…
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C++RAD Studio

Quickly Add The Powerful Boost C++ Library To Your Windows Projects

C++ is one of the top programming languages in the software development world. With the tons of libraries, developers spend less time making scientific and complex applications. One of the best-known libraries in the C++ community is the Boost library. Boost community does research and creates new features all the time, because of that the Boost library is updated every 3-5 months. Boost…
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C++CodeRAD Studio

LearnCPlusPlusOrg :: Counting Prime Number Benchmarks

Prime numbers are interesting area to research. A prime number, it is also called prime shortly , is a natural number (a positive integer)  greater than 1 that is not a product of two smaller natural numbers. There are several mathematical questions regarding prime numbers are still unsolved.  Finding them and relations and their effects on some other functions, graphics really interesting in…
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7 Tips For Learning C++ In 2021 From If Statements To IDEs And Compilers is a great resource for learning C++. It has a number of posts that cover the basics like selecting a C++ IDE and a C++ compiler (we know you’ll choose C++Builder and Dev-C++ for maximum productivity, right 😉 First up we have a top 6 compilers list. Next we list the top c++ compilers. Following that we have a video about Test Drive C++ by Phil Nash at Cppcon 2020.
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