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Quickly Add The Powerful Boost C++ Library To Your Windows Projects


C++ is one of the top programming languages in the software development world. With the tons of libraries, developers spend less time making scientific and complex applications. One of the best-known libraries in the C++ community is the Boost library. Boost community does research and creates new features all the time, because of that the Boost library is updated every 3-5 months.

Boost library offers a wide range of simplification for C++ devs. Boost library is a portable, open-source, free and active library. Boost library promotes efficient and readable C++ code. Since several Standards Committee members are also the most active members in the Boost community you can find many correct and useful techniques to tackle advanced problems. 

Here are some of the tools of the Boost library:

  • Smart Ptr, Pool
  • Utility, Log, UUID
  • Thread, Date-Time, Filesystem, Asio
  • Algorithms
  • Wide range of special Data Structures
  • and more

I have seen that competitive programmers love the ideas built in the Boost library and apply the Boost library features when solving problems.

Basic example of using various functions provided by this library

C++ Builder developers utilize Boost library easily in the IDE.

You can find the Boost library in the GetIt Package Manager and install it by clicking just the install button and that is it.

You have a fully powered Boost library in your environment!


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