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Easily Build And Deploy A Powerful Diagram Designer Within Your Windows Apps

flexible enterprise grade diagram studio

If you need a high-quality diagram editing environment the TMS Diagram Studio is for you. With the TMS Diagram Studio, you can add diagram and flowchart capabilities to your application.

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The TMS Diagram Studio has an editing behavior similar to standard diagramming applications. And provides a high-quality drawing of blocks and lines. Since, there are ready-to-use flowcharts, different arrow types, and electric blocks you can easily create a diagram in no time.

What are the features of TMS Diagram Studio?

  • Diagram snap grid, background image, rulers, saving and loading
  • Support for different layers
  • Live diagram execution, live flowcharts, and able to do clipboard operations
  • Full customization: color, width, height, pen, brush, and text customization
  • and more

In this article, learn why you should add the powerful Boost C++ library to your Windows projects and environments.

Be sure to head over and check out the TMS Diagram Studio on the GetIt portal and download it from the GetIt Package Manager

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With the use of Windows IDE, you can Build and Deploy a powerful diagram designer within your Windows Apps. Try your Free Trial here.

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