Easy Steps To Connect To A MS Access Database With FireDAC In This Windows Sample App

Do you want your Delphi and C++ Builder Applications to connect with Access Database ? Do you need to manage some of the Access Database services such as creating, compacting database? How to start ? Don’t worry, FireDAC components offers robust components to connect with Access Database. FireDAC.Access Sample app demonstrates how to use FireDAC to work with access Database. You…
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Learn How To Easily Backup And Restore An Encrypted InterBase Database

In this CodeRage session, you can learn how to backup and restore encrypted databases in InterBase.  Overview Backing up the encrypted databaseRestore encrypted database How can I backup and restore an encrypted database? Here are the steps that you can follow: In IBConsole you can right-click on the database, with the context menu, you can open the Backup/Restore section, and…
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Learn How To Use FireDAC To Work With A Firebird Database In Delphi

TheFirebirdgetting started sample shows how to use FireDAC with Firebird databases. This sample allows the user to do: Temporaryconnection definitionat run time.Master-details relationship between datasets usingTFDQuery.Transactions handling withTFDTransaction.Management of Firebird database such as: managing users, creating database backup/restoring database…
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