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Delphi and RAD Studio Roadmap Update Publsihed

The article with the new roadmap slides is available at: https://community.embarcadero.com/article/16563-rad-studio-roadmap-september-2017 The roadmap is updated with the 10.2.1 actual release and the specific 10.2.2 plans, along with the focus areas for 10.3…

Get Up And Running Fast With The In Depth Developer Guide For The Hospitality Survey App Template

The Hospitality Survey App templatethatEmbarcadero has released for Delphi 10.2 Tokyo through their GetIt platform is quite extensive. I have put together a developer guide video for the project which explains more in depth. The video explains each of the four different projects that make up theHospitality Survey App. These projects include: A client app built with…
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Get Started with RAD Studio 10.2.1 using Sample Projects

Guided Tour The Guided Tour is a step-by-step bubble pop-up tour that shows you how to build your first multi-device FireMonkey application using the FireUI Designer. Following the steps in the tour is a good starting point for anyone new to the FireMonkey framework.

Implement CreateAnonymousThread with BCC32.

Author: h.mohri C++Builder 10.2 BCC32 can not write lambda.So write an implementation inInvoke() with TCppInterfacedObject<>. struct T_thread_proc : TCppInterfacedObject<TProc>{ TNotifyEvent f_ev_; struct T_sync_proc : TCppInterfacedObject<TThreadProcedure>{ TNotifyEvent f_ev_; T_sync_proc(TNotifyEvent& ev2){ f_ev_ = ev2; } …
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