Live event : The Apocalypse Coding Group.

Don’t miss Part 7 & 8 of the Apocalypse Coding Group on 25. & 26.04. 14:00 UTC. With: Andrea MagniCraig ChapmanGlenn DufkeIan BarkerJim McKeethan me… Where MVP’s are trying to convince the viewers that they are worthy of this title, although it did not look like this in the Live-Stream 1-6 with 4 hours each.It’s fun and you can annoy us in the live chat! Part-7…
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Detecting connected Bluetooth devices on Android

In Appmethod, we include many different components. This includes visual components for user interface elements and also non-visual components for database access, accessing device sensors/services, connecting to REST services etc. While Appmethod includes many pre-built…