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Live event : The Apocalypse Coding Group.

Don’t miss Part 7 & 8 of the Apocalypse Coding Group on 25. & 26.04. 14:00 UTC.

Andrea Magni
Craig Chapman
Glenn Dufke
Ian Barker
Jim McKeeth
an me…

Where MVP’s are trying to convince the viewers that they are worthy of this title, although it did not look like this in the Live-Stream 1-6 with 4 hours each.It’s fun and you can annoy us in the live chat!

Part-7 : https://youtu.be/eJL_kp92N1Q
Part-8 : https://youtu.be/oh48IoNi9OI

The Live-Stream is on Craig Chapman channel! Please don’t forget to subscribe to his and my channel so you don’t miss the upcoming events, we are currently planning together!

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I was born in Bonn (Germany, 1966). I started Pascal programming (1981) after the introduction into Eumel / Elan, Basic, and the programming in Z80 Assembler (FL-DOS for MZ-800), with UCSD Pascal (Apple II) and Turbo Pascal 1.0 on CP/M. In 1986, I founded my software company. With the release of Delphi XE2 and the first version of Firemonkey, I realized that this is the right time for a jump into iOS- and Android App programming. FireMonkey represents the future for upcoming software development. While FireMonkey is running very well in the current version, I assumed that we are currently only scratching the surface of the given possibilities. For rookies in FMX-Development, there are some hidges to overcome. Therefore, I decided to hold lectures and visit events to show the power and possibilities of Firemonkey. My friends call me “ambassador of Firemonkey”, because my answer to every question is: “Use FMX”. In 2016 I started a new project to help building applications with Firemonkey. My FDK (Firemonkey Development Kit) released in 2017 – is the reason why my development with Firemonkey is so easy by using this kit. The name was not wisely chosen, because every developer could use my Kit (even under VCL) to speed up the development of new projects. Do you need help? Of course, I offer training and consulting for Firemonkey (and VCL).
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