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Embarcadero Welcomes Ian Barker to Developer Advocate Role

If you have watched any of Embarcadero’s online content, attended a RAD Studio webinar, or been to one of the in-person events you will most likely know the wonderful Jim McKeeth. Jim has been the Chief Developer Advocate and Engineer for Embarcadero since July 13th, 2013, just short of ten years. Today, however, the big news is that Jim is leaving Embarcadero and moving on to a new role as…
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Marco Cantú wins the Niklaus Wirth Award for Most Valuable Contributor To Pascal

We are very pleased to announce that our very own Marco Cantú has been given the Niklaus Wirth Award by The International Pascal Congress hosted by The University of Salamanca in Spain. The citation from the jury finishes with the sentence “Marco Cantù is one of the most brilliant, original, and distinguished figures of Pascal Community”. I don’t think we could have said it better…
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Announcing Enterprise CodeRage 2022

Join Embarcadero for this short two day virtual conference on Enterprise development with your favorite development tools. December 20th and 21st from 10 AM to 5 PM CST each day, all free. Topics include multithreaded algorithms, SQL databases, custom VCL styles…

Secrets of Visual Design on Windows 11

Using truly great IDE software really empowers software developers. RAD Studio is so much more than just Delphi – which I think is the easiest professional modern programming language you can pick – it also brings along a whole bunch of great things not the least of which is a rich selection of professionally designed graphical program styles to make your apps look like you have the…
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Everything You Need To Create iOS Cross Platform Apps

Here are the slides and links for the “Everything you need to create iOS cross platform apps” webinar presented by Embarcadero MVP Ian Barker and Tech Partner and MVP Serge Pilko on 19th July 2022. Is there a replay of the “Everything You Need To Create iOS Cross Platform Apps” webinar? Yes, here is the YouTube replay of the webinar in full along with the Q & A…
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