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Embarcadero Welcomes Ian Barker to Developer Advocate Role

Chief Developer Advocate and Engineer Jim McKeeth Moves To New Role

If you have watched any of Embarcadero’s online content, attended a RAD Studio webinar, or been to one of the in-person events you will most likely know the wonderful Jim McKeeth. Jim has been the Chief Developer Advocate and Engineer for Embarcadero since July 13th, 2013, just short of ten years. Today, however, the big news is that Jim is leaving Embarcadero and moving on to a new role as a developer advocate at EOS Network Foundation. Of course, we’re devastated that Jim’s particular brand of jovial code geekery will no longer be at the helm of the Developer Relations program, but we’re also thrilled for him to be moving on to new horizons and will get to stretch that burgeoning tech brain of his with the delights of such things as block-chain.

Along with that news comes, of course, an announcement that Ian Barker (that’s me) will be taking over as Embarcadero Developer Advocate. I’ll be dealing with most of the things Jim did, those that are public, along with those which he did so capably behind the scenes too, of which there are many. Eli Mapstead will be expanding his role too and taking over some of the Python projects that Jim oversaw and championed. Yes, Jim can legitimately make the claim “it took two people to replace me“.

Jim will become an Embarcadero MVP – once I’ve reviewed his application and decided if he’s good enough. 😉

I’m going to do a more comprehensive retrospective blog post of some of the many great things Jim has been responsible for as well as highlight a few of his crazy professor moments, we have a thick stack of them – he’s a developer’s developer and irrepressible gadget freak – but, for now, we’re going to let the video do the talking. The audio echoed a little from time to time – but then it wouldn’t be the same if technology didn’t try to trip Jim or I up during recording, would it?

From all of us in the Embarcadero and Idera family – thank you Jim. You’re a hard act to follow.

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Ian is the Embarcadero Developer Advocate, a professional writer, presenter, and host. He is a prolific software developer, voice actor, designer and poet. Ian is British American, born in London, now living in Dallas, Texas. "I get up early every day and write code".


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