Embarcadero Introduces New IBLite Edition, IBToGo Subscription Offer

InterBase IBToGo is the embedded version of the InterBase database, offering encryption, a more generous database size, ChangeViews™, and other extended features compared to the IBLite free version. InterBase IBToGo is a multi platform solution, available for Windows, Linux, macOS, Android, and iOS. You can see a comparison of the feature of IBToGo, IBLite and the server editions at…
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Let's Learn 5 Features Of Modern C++

Hello C++ Developers, I hope now you are enjoying your summer vacation, or you are happy with your work 🙂 Over on we add new C++ posts every day. These are good to learn the features of modern C++ compilers. In this round-up of recent articles we cover…
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How To Use A Move Constructor In Modern C++

Hello everyone. With the C++11 standards, the move constructor allows you to move the resources from one object to another object without copying them. In this post we have gathered together some recent C++ articles from about Move Constructors. All of…
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Coding Bootcamp 2023

Greetings, intrepid coders and digital enthusiasts! The digital realm constantly shifts, and with it comes the need for cutting-edge skills. This year, Embarcadero proudly presents our Coding Bootcamp 2023, an initiative meticulously crafted to bring forth the zenith of tech education, all wrapped up in an insightful and dynamic experience. Are you ready to dive into the Ocean of…
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What Are The Rules Of Modern C++?

Hello developers, actually there are no rules! 😁 You have a broad freedom in C++. If your C++ app is running well and performing its functions well then, you’re doing good. For me, I think this is the main rule of developing applications, “develop C++ apps…