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Powerful Atomic Operations In C++ - No Oppenheimer Required

Hello C++ developers, Yilmaz here from LearnCPlusPlus. RAD Studio’s C++ Builder, Delphi and their free community editions C++ Builder CE, and Delphi CE are a real force for modern application development. Our educational LearnCPlusPlus.org web page is another powerful element for learning details of modern C++ programming. It is growing well thanks to you, and we have many new…
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Explicit Virtual Override And More In Modern C++

Hello everyone, I hope now you, your computer, and yourdevelopment softwareare enjoying your summer vacation, or at least you’re happy with your work 🙂 Over onLearnCPlusPlus.org, we add new C++ posts every day. These are good to learn the features of modern C++ compilers. In this round-up of recent articles, we explain some features of C++11 that tend to tighten the…
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Delphi Supports Android API 33 Via Yukon Beta

If you are building Android apps distributed via Google Play Store, you might have received an email from Google indicating the requirement to use Android API Level 33 as the target for all new apps published starting August 31st. The official communication is here. RAD…

Stable Diffusion: Generative AI On Your Desktop Through Delphi

Welcome, art enthusiasts, developers, and innovators! Generative AI is turning into a powerful force in the software development and content creation spaces. In this article we will explore the Stable Diffusion Desktop client – a desktop UI designed to give you access to a whole host of Stable Diffusion models for image generation without having to have a GPU on your Windows, macOS, or Linux…
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Learn Beneficial Methods Of Modern C++

Hello everyone, Yilmaz here, from LearnCPlusPlus.org. Our educational LearnCPlusPlus.org web page is growing thanks to the support of you. We have many new readers, and we keep adding new C++ posts every day. These are good to learn the features of modern C++ compilers. In…