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Delphi Supports Android API 33 Via Yukon Beta

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If you are building Android apps distributed via Google Play Store, you might have received an email from Google indicating the requirement to use Android API Level 33 as the target for all new apps published starting August 31st. The official communication is here.

RAD Studio 11.3, the current shipping version, does not offer the support for API level 33.

  • Tech tip: It is technically possible to customize the build environment to target a higher API level, but this is not a trivial operation. You can see, as an example, the steps for an earlier API upgrade provided by Embarcadero MVP Dave Nottage here.

The change to support Android API level 33 in RAD Studio requires significant work, and is not possible in a 11.x update. We plan to deliver full support for Android API level 33 for the Delphi language in the next major release of RAD Studio*. However, this release will take some more time and will not GA before the Google deadline. But there is good news!

Using the Yukon Beta for Android

RAD Studio customers with an active update subscription can join the RAD Studio 12.0 Yukon Beta, which already offers (among many other features) support for Android API Level 33.

In addition, although the usual beta restrictions do not allow for building and deploying production apps, this beta has a special EULA provision allowing you to deploy (production) Android apps to the Google Play Store. We have made similar exceptions in the past to allow Update Subscription customers to use a beta for production use when our release schedule and platform OS updates from an OS vendor do not align.

Notice that like any Embarcadero beta program, the RAD Studio Yukon beta participation requires accepting an online NDA.

Being able to participate in our Beta program and start using some of the coming features in advance is one of the great benefits of Update Subscription. In case you have an active update subscription for RAD Studio and you haven’t received an invitation, after checking your spam inbox, you can reach out to an Embarcadero sales representative or reseller and ask for the signup link. 

* Disclaimer: All new features and improvements discussed in this blog post for future versions of RAD Studio are not committed until completed, and GA released.

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