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Learn About The Powerful Alignment Support Functions Of Modern C++

One of the features of Modern C++ isalignment supportwhich was introduced with the C++11 standard.Most of the alignment support features can be used with modern C++ compilers that support one of the ISO Standards of C++11, C++14, C++17, and C++20. In this post, we explain what is alignment support and how we can use alignas, alignof, std::align, aligned_union, aligned_storage…
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New RAD Studio 11.3 Inline Build

Embarcadero has just released a Community Edition version of Delphi and C++Builder based on a new build of 11.3, build 28.0.48361.3236. For this reason, we are also making available a new inline build of RAD Studio, Delphi and C++Builder 11.3 (build 3236), which includes the…

Delphi 11 and C++Builder 11 Community Editions Released!

Embarcadero has made available the Community Edition license for the most recent 11.3 release of Delphi and C++Builder. This is a free edition of either Delphi or C++Builder for students, hobbyists and startups (as the license is revenue-limited). What is Community…
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The Pros And Cons of The C++ Programming Language

C++ has a reputation for being one of the most efficient and powerful programming languages. It is still incredibly popular in almost all developer surveys despite having been available for over 40 years. Understanding the pros and cons of the C++ programming language can help you decide whether or not it’s right for you and also help you to select the right code editor (IDE) and C++ build…
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Enterprise Software Development Article Challenge - Results

There were a lot of great entries for our Enterprise Software Development Article Challenge showing the use of Delphi, C++Builder, InterBase and RAD Server in many different enterprise use cases. List of entries: Winner! How This Motorcycle Hazard Reporting Monitoring Tool Was Made 2nd Place How To Win When You Have 34 Milliseconds To Beat Snoops And Spies My Successful Journey In Building…
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What Is Modern C++ in 2023?

Every year, the “Modern C++” term appears in many discussions. In general, the “Modern C++” term started with the release of the C++11standards. Since that time, the C++14, C++17, and C++20 standards followed. In the future C++23 is on the horizon…

Developing Windows Services in Windows 11: Best Practices and Tools

When you develop Windows software you come across the need for some kinds of applications need to be run for 24 hours or, in fact, continually while the computer is running. Usually, the computers in question are network servers or monitoring applications on desktop machines. In these cases, you might think about creating a console application which has a either a minimal amount of interaction or…
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