RAD Studio 11.3 Alexandria Patch 1 Available

Today Embarcadero released a patch for RAD Studio, Delphi, and C++Builder 11.3 Alexandria. This patch addresses several issues in RAD Studio 11.3, including a content type parsing issue with REST requests and skipping some database events, some errors in the IDE and debugger, and some missing files for the new TBiometricAuth component. Installing this patch is recommended for all RAD Studio 11.3…
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Getting Big with Pi in Delphi

When I was very young and first learned about Pi they told me 3.14 was a good approximation, but it was an irrational number that went on forever, and people with computers were able to calculate many digits. I had a computer (Commodore Vic 20) and wanted to see how many…
C++RAD Studio

5 New Posts About Variables, Enums And More In Modern C++

Hello C++ Developers. Many times, the “Modern C++” term appears in discussions. In general, “Modern C++” started with the C++11 standards. C++11 is shorthand for C++ that is based on and implements the C++ ISO/IEC 14882 standard. Similarly, C++14 is later standard, C++17 follows that, C++20 after that, and C++23 in the future. Moreover, modern C++ consists of a lot of…
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