Local Cloud - Data Management with InterBase and AWS

Cloud is great, but sometimes you want local data too. This session takes a look at how to synchronize your data between Amazon’s cloud-based data hosting (AWS) and InterBase local storage. Learn the advantages of such a system and when you might want such an architecture. Local-Cloud-Data-Management-with-InterBase-and-AWSDownload What is Local Cloud? There is no “Cloud”.
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The Ultimate Cheat Sheet On Windows 10 App Development

Today is an exciting and dynamic time to be a developer. Technology advances seem to have accelerated and, with this, our software projects seem to paradoxically expand and shrink simultaneously. They expand because more devices and environments are becoming available to them. They shrink because we tend to use the same tools for developing all variants of our work. Past developers could have a…
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Are You Getting The Most Out Of Your Windows App Development?

Windows 11 marks a visual evolution of the Windows operating system. As Windows moves forward, customers set a higher bar for desktop applications and massive demand for Windows app development. These customer expectations can be: Good performance on the low-cost appNative app user experienceComplete matching with the latest design principlesSupport for modern window features like window…
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