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A Beginner's Guide to Python Development Tools

Welcome to an exciting journey of becoming a great Python developer. Python is such a compelling language to learn and master these days. It is an already prevalent tool for data science and machine learning, and current stats show it is going in the right direction. Every good developer needs good tools to perform well. Likewise, Python developers need great Python development tools to be…
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Local Cloud - Data Management with InterBase and AWS

Cloud is great, but sometimes you want local data too. This session takes a look at how to synchronize your data between Amazon’s cloud-based data hosting (AWS) and InterBase local storage. Learn the advantages of such a system and when you might want such an…
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The Next Big Thing in Native Windows Development

What, precisely, do we mean by native app development? What is a native user experience or native developer experience? What are the pros of native app development? Why has Native Windows development come storming back on center stage and become such a hot topic? We want to briefly talk about native app development and explain why you should get in with the In Crowd. What is a native…
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