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Updated XML Mapper - MVP Project

Recently we launched a new experiment of opening up some internal projects for MVPs to work on. As opposed to some of our open-source initiatives like Bold, these are still owned by Embarcadero and a primary part of the product. This is something MVPs have requested the option to be in involved in for a while, so it is very exciting to finally say it is in full swing and a success. The first…
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Opening a PDF on Android with Delphi

Intents on Android using API 26 to open PDF documents. Recently, the Google Play store updated its requirements so the target API level of 26 was used to get new apps submitted. While this was reasonably easy to achieve through updating the AndroidManifest.Template, the change to the newer API changed the behaviour of my application. Before the update, I would download a file to the CachePath and…
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Change dproj file and product version

Author: Rubén Pozo If you have a project with automatic builds is posible that you want change the File/Product version of the file. Using the code below you can create a console application for to modify these values easily. program ChangeVersion; {$APPTYPE CONSOLE} {$R…

Delphi JSON Viewer

Author: Michael K22532 JSON support has been introduced in Delphi 2010 as a part of DBExpress database driver architecture, but of course JSON support is not limited to just database applications. JSON is similar to XML as both are text-based data interchange formats. Delphi…