GBEPad Is An Impressive Native Windows Text Editor That Is Built In Delphi

GBEPad is a simple, fast, complete, and free text file editor for Windows and it is developed in Delphi. According to the developer, “its lightness, efficiency, and possibilities make it the ideal companion for developers and for all users who regularly handle text files. It has many configuration options to best meet user expectations. GBEPad is a free text editor like NotePad++ with many…
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Syntax Highlighting Editors In Delphi & C++Builder On Windows

A popular syntax highlighting editor for Delphi is called TSynEdit. This post is mainly focused on the various forks of TSynEdit and which one you might want to use in your own projects. The Dev C++ project uses TSynEdit which needed to be upgraded when it was lifted from compiling in Delphi 6 to compiling in Delphi 10.4. The three options are: TurboPack TSynEdit &#8211…
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