Astounding AltU IDE Plugin Showcases Delphi Flexibility

AltU is an integrated tool for the Delphi IDE that expedites the process of finding and adding appropriate units to be included in the uses section and it is built in Delphi. According to the developer, “This tool scans and caches all the types, functions, and constants, in order to allow rapid and untroubled app development. Afterwards, it can find all the units containing a given name…
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New Modern InstantSolutions for Delphi on Windows

Ethea has created a sophisticated application builder framework, which allows you to create quality software apps quickly with a user interface that can be customized and adapted to customer needs in easy and fast way. Delphi developers will find in InstantSolutions an effective and fast tool to quickly create Windows Client / Server applications, with a modern user interface and high-performance…
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