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Blazing Fast Windows Deployment With The InstallAware Enterprise-Grade Windows Installer

First and only installer with full-stack ARM64 support, including triple-hybrid installers with X86, AMD64-EM64T, and ARM64 targeting from a single setup package. Also, the first installer with Next-Generation MSIX Package Builder. InstallAware is based on Windows Installer technology. Every setup you create in InstallAware, no matter how you script it, is converted into a valid Windows…
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New 10.3.2 GetIt Installer

As you may be aware, we have encountered issues with the GetIt server, affecting web-based installs of RAD Studio 10.3.2. We apologize for any inconvenience this has caused, and we truly appreciate your patience during this process. We have a new 10.3.2 GetIt web-based installer available for you to download. This new installer will allow you to install 10.3.2 and also access the 10.3.2 add-on…
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Installing InterBase XE7 on Linux

Author: Jacobus O51432 These are the steps to download and install InterBase XE7 on Linux and start the InterBase XE7 Server. In this example I will install the 32 bit version on an Ubuntu 64 bit machine. These steps will be identical for 32 bit and 64 bit InterBase…